El Clampersand

Happy to announce the first batch of Clampersands is now on sale at Core77′s Hand-Eye Supply.

The Many Faces of Don Draper

The dude has become so boring lately.

Some spec work that never made it to print.

Did this for a certain editor at a certain magazine last year. The series was never picked up, so I figured it’s about time it can see the light of day. Learned something about chimney sweeps.

With Apologies To Sergei Brin

Acceptable Project Guidelines


Holiday Wrappin’ Paper

We sent these to all our clients, freelancers and associates. Red + blue prints designed by Mike Serafin, green + yellow ones by me. Photo and VERY precise wrapping by friend-of-the-studio Shawn Hazen.

Printed at Screwball Press, Chicago.

Characters for the Core77 Holiday Pop-Up Store @BluDot NYC